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The History Around Easter Bunny Decorations

Easter bunny is among the important parts of Easter, and they are almost synonymous with the celebrations of Easter. The stories and folklores of Easter bunny have captured the imagination of children for centuries. As per the story, the Easter bunny is believed to hide Easter eggs for kids that they should find during the Easter day, and it also presents kids with gifts if they behave well. Therefore, Easter bunny decorations have a great significance during Easter celebrations.
The store behind the Easter bunny started with the hare that became a symbol of fertility due to its ability to reproduce very fast. There are lots of legends associated with the story of Easter Bunny. One legend goes that the festival of Easter received its name from Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who loved her pet rabbit. She is believed to have tossed the bunny into the sky so as to create all the constellations found today.

It was in the 19th century that Easter bunny came to be associated with the tradition of hiding the Easter Egg. The Easter bunny was believed to fill the bests of good girls and boys with candy and eggs the night before Easter.

Here are some Easter bunny decoration ideas for you to deck up your home for Easter day celebrations.
Easter Bunny Ornaments – For Easter decorations decorate your home with fabric-made Easter bunny ornaments. The ornaments can be hung on the doors or windows, or from the ceiling so as to add a vivid Easter atmosphere.
Cardboard Easter Bunny – This is one of the easiest ways of making an Easter bunny using cardboard tube – very cute as well. It is quite useful for decorating the Easter brunch table. In order to give more Easter touch, write ‘Happy Easter’ on this bunny, or you could even add the names of the people who would be sitting at the table.

Easter Bunny Stickers – Use colorful Easter Bunny stickers around your home to act as pleasant Easter decorations. These decorations are not only convenient to use but also great for an instant deck up. These stickers can be pasted on just any surface and they can also serve some useful purpose, and you can leave them for the whole year.

Easter Bunny Hangings – Easter bunny hangings can be used to decorate the corners of your home. They help in adding a sense of sparkle to your rooms throughout the year.

Easter Bunny Baskets – An Easter basket can be filled with different yummy goodies including chocolates. Place the Easter basket on the centre table decorated with cute small Easter bunny toys.

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Games and Treat for Easter Holiday

A special holiday which we celebrate each year with joy and excitement is the Easter holiday. Children get so excited when Easter season is nearly approaching. Families, friends and relatives take some time off and spend the holiday together with much food on the table and the awaited time for the games to get started. One of the most anticipated games on Easter season is the very traditional Egg Hunt. Egg finding could be really fun; you just need a little creativity and a little time to play the game.

Since we have the most advance technology nowadays, why don’t we try an Easter Flash games. One of the games we could play is the Feggy easter game exclusively on This is one of the coolest holiday games online which is prepared for you. A fun platform game where you control a rabbit and fire weapons such as stars, flowers, and of course, a carrot. And coloring page at the very beginning in case you want to warm up before the game :) We have lots of kids Easter fun and games for you in this section, so please feel free to stay and play!

Make everyone and including yourself happy with these Easter flash games and start playing ! We made short list of cool Easter games in which we hope you will enjoy !

The Great Easter Egg Hunt
Hunt down Peter Rottentail & his gang of Bad-Guy Bunnies in this hardboiled adventure! We have lots of kids Easter fun and games for you in this section, so please feel free to stay and play!

Bunnies and Eggs
Help the easter bunnies get across to get their eggs.

Egg catcher
Make use of mouse to catch the eggs. You have to empty the egg case after you have collected five eggs. Press space to keep the eggs in the basket.

How to Make Easter Humpty Biscuits
Learn how make such a delicious treat.

Mister Easter
Run and bounce the Easter eggs and grenades into the nests. Don't miss any grenade!

Silly Easter Bunny
The Silly Easter Bunny is the game which you can play with the mouse.

Easter Whomp Game
Another cool and fun game for you ,Easter Rabbit business.

Easter Bunny vs Bilby
A quick fighting game of the Easter Bunny vs. Bilby. Can you win?

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Easter Eggs, part of the Easter celebration

Easter day is celebrated as one of the most auspicious occasions. The word Easter derives its origin from the Old English language word Ēastre or Ēostre. When we take a look at the Christian litriguical year it occupies the place of the central feast.
According to doctrine beliefs, after the third day of his crucifixion, Jesus rose from the death bed. This day is celebrated by the Christians as Easter day or Easter Sunday. It falls two days after Good Friday and three days later than the Maundy Sunday. In earlier times the Easter season usually lasted for forty days, beginning from the Easter day itself and continuing till Ascension Day. Another thing that is very much prevalent on this day is the Easter eggs.
An Easter egg is decorated mainly to celebrate Easter. Easter eggs are decorated and then exchanged as gifts by friends, family and relatives. Traditionally the Easter eggs were dyed using natural and food coloring, but in the modern era now, these are replaced with chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. These eggs are hidden and it’s an activity for the children on Easter morning, to find them. Otherwise, they are place in a basket to represent bird’s nest and is filled with straw- real or artificial.
There are a lot of stories about their origin. These eggs were painted by the Zoroastrians for their New Year celebration, Nowrooz during spring equinox. At the Jewish traditions, a hard-boiled egg which is dipped in salt water is a symbol of the festival sacrifice in the Jerusalem temples. One can also found association between the Easter bunnies and eggs in the folklores.
In the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Christ, shed on the Cross, and the hard shell of the egg is a symbol of the Tomb of Christ, and when the egg cracks it represents Jesus resurrection from the dead. Easter eggs are placed in front of the priest for his blessings and then are distributed among the people.

Every household bring a Easter basket to the church filled with Easter eggs along with Paschal foods such as paskha, kulich or Easter breads, and these are blessed by the priest as well. Apart from the folklores, these eggs are used and exchanged today as symbol of love. There are numerous ways to decorate it and you are free to choose yours.
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Edible Easter Decorations

After the Holy Week when Christians commemorate the passion and death of the Savior, it is time to celebrate Easter Sunday -the day of the resurrection.
It is a festive event which deserves a happy ambiance. This special Sunday is called the Easter Sunday. Usually, a family gathering happens but there will also be church activities where groups of families are gathered together to celebrate the end of the Lenten season. There are very many ideas that you can think of but there is one thing you should never forget to include. You can be as innovative and creative as you can but it would never be complete without the Easter eggs.
It has been a tradition for most Christian homes to have the Easter egg hunt on this happy day. Easter eggs are just ordinary eggs but turned stylish because of the many ways you can decorate it with.

One of the materials you can use to design Easter eggs would be paint. You may ask the kids to decorate their own Easter eggs with their favorite color. Provide paintbrushes. You may also choose to paint them yourself and cleverly hide them for children to find when it is that time of the party.

This simple but significant Easter decoration is able to provide joy to everyone in the gathering. There are so many theories as to how eggs became a significant part of this event. You may wonder how Christians incorporate eggs to the occasion but that’s another topic to talk about.

We should be focusing on how to create a very memorable and significant ambiance when you celebrate that special Sunday. Just a few reminders when you decide to include this decoration, though.

Food during a party is under another topic but to overlap it with this one a little, may we suggest that you include those Easter eggs in the menu. A colorful presentation would lure the kids (and adults) to eat healthy. Do not commit the most common mistake of painting the eggs first before boiling them. It could be a silly advice but it happens. If you get too excited with painting the eggs, you may forget the most important part which is turning it from fresh egg to edible.
Others would stack the painted eggs in a basket and display it for the interested ones. But there’s nothing like setting the mood for a little “treasure hunt”. Everybody loves challenges and your own challenge would be how to make your Easter decorations creative and edible.
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Wating for Easter holiday

Easter is celebrated as the rebirth of Jesus Christ. He rose on the third day from Good Friday, his crucifixion day. Easter holidays are meant to go on holidays abroad. Also at this time of the year, most of the holiday destinations around the world enjoy plenty of sunlight and warm conditions.
Waiting for Easter holiday wallpapers
You can expect to visit places without the crowd that are expected only during the peak summer vacations. The term of holiday began with Easter in large parts of the Mediterranean region, and when major holiday destinations remain popular throughout the year, it is during Easter holidays that even the smallest of destinations thrive with visitors.

In addition to a vacation there are other home embellishing activities that you can engage in during your Easter holidays. Easter hat can be made using raw materials found in home. Easter bonnet is made in homes using leaves or flower garland as it stands to signify the sun and its travel round the heavens, an indication of onset of spring. Candles, lights, bonfires are the symbol of celebrations during this time in a large number of countries. In some churches, the candles are put out on Good Friday and then lighted again on Easter Day with Easter Candle.

Eggs are the symbol of new life that returns during Easter Time, and the custom of exchanging eggs started before the celebration of Easter began. Earlier, red colored eggs were used to signify the Resurrection, and in some countries, the eggs were marked with dates and messages, and exchanged with loved ones and friends. In the 19th century, candy eggs came into existence, and they were kept open from one end, with a scene inserted. They were common to be found during Easter time, placed as table centerpieces.

Easter bells also have great significance during the holidays. During ancient times, bells in churches kept ringing daily. However, they stopped on Maundy Thursday and left for Rome so as to get blessed by the Pope. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are days of mourning and recollection, so these are also observed as days of silence. The bells only ring on Easter Sunday when they return from Rome, bringing with them Easter Eggs that are dropped in the gardens.
Jesus Christ walking Easter
Another important element of Easter was Easter water that was considered to have great beneficial virtues. In old times, people used to visit the river early in the morning and brought water with them. The water along with the branch received from the church was used in order to bless their home and safeguard it from evil. Easter water was also taken in order to cure diseases.

Easter Bunny, the first hare associated with Easter symbolizes rebirth, profusion and creation. The Easter Bunny was considered to be a highly plentiful animal that was a symbol of fertility and life. The origins of the Bunny have been traced back to ancient oriental culture. Children in some countries believe that Easter Bunny brings them gifts the night before Easter.
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Saint Patrick's Day flash games

There is anything as much satisfying and fulfilling as St. Patrick’s Day games on this special and lucky day. On this day everyone including friends and families are enjoy the eatables and drinks, and having lots of fun. But all the fun will not be complete without enjoying the games. Here are some great games for kids as well as grown-ups to spend some good time on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Streamer
In the Shamrock Streamer you are required to stay on the path as long as possible because it keeps getting harder with the passage of time. In this game you are the leprechaun and you are following and endless rainbow line. You will earn points along your journey, and the more accurate you are in moving along the rainbow, the more points you are going to earn. And, if your accuracy falls, the game is going to end.

Another interesting game for Saint Patrick’s Day is Wallop in which Larry the Leprechaun has to save his pots of gold from the attacking Sneaky Snakes. The game comes to an end if you lose 3 or more pots. Your gold is replenished when the little bird appears at scores of 1500, 3000, 4500 and so on.

St. Patrick’s Gold
In St. Patrick’s Gold game, you have to find all the gold coins hidden on the map. You have to collect all the pots of gold before the time runs out. And it is important that you pick your path between the clover and the obstacles because they will slow you down. The game is quite easy and full of fun. Once you find all the gold coins, you need to find the pot of gold and move on to the next level. Set amid green clover and black background, the game is appealing for both kids and grown-ups.

The Leprechauns Coins
In The Leprechauns Coins Game, two adventurers Margo and Smokey are on a mission to search the lucky shamrock according to a legend. It is the Saint Patrick’s Day and on their way, they come across a Leprechaun having a pot filled with gold coins. However appealing the gold coins may look, but beware of the tricky Leprechaun. The adventure can be enhanced by choosing the playing time – daytime or night.

St. Patrick’s Day Polygone
The St. Patrick’s Day Polygone game is a Point and Click puzzle in which you need to search and set the awry shamrocks into position.

Four-leaf clover - For good luck you need lucky clover

Four-leaf clover is considered to be a good luck charm in many countries. It is a rare deviation of the three-leaf clover. Associated closely to the Saint Patrick’s Day, legend has it that the Saint described the Holy Trinity using it. And, there is another belief that when he leaves paradise, he takes a four-leaf clover along with him for good fortune. Many benefits have been related to the four-leaf clover and it is believed that the good fortune is related to the number of the leaves. A three-leaf clover is meant to represent a good health. And, it has also been found that clover has some medicinal benefits as well. While a four-leaf clover stands for good luck, a five-leaf clover represents a happy marriage.

Each leaf of the clover is said to have its own significance. While the first leaf represents building hope in the seeker of success by developing confidence in him, the second leaf stands for a successful love life and success in relationships. The third leaf represents conferring faith, while the fourth leaf stands for good fortune and luck. In the west, four-leaf clover has spiritual value as a representation of lucky charm. Even the scientific world explains and believes that there are many health related benefits associated with it that helps in the creation of positivism, leading to a successful life. But, there is a belief that four-leaf clover cannot be bought because it is not possible to buy luck. And, it can only be an accidental chance that good luck will befall you.

Along with all the other elements need for a successful life, including hard work, it is also very important to have luck. And, people from all countries and cultures believe in this, leading to faith in different objects like jewelry, amulets, talismans, figurines, crystal, paintings and other things. Hence, any object, similar to four-leaf clover is considered to be lucky if it fills you with motivation and positive energy. A lot of people confuse the two symbols of good luck, four leaf clover and shamrock. Shamrock is considered to be more than a good luck charm, as it has a religious significance as well as a relation with Ireland and its history.

If you want to display your Irish pride on the special day, you need to select the three leaf shamrock, and if you want a good charm on an average day, then keep a four-leaf clover. But ensure that you find it and not purchase it from anywhere.
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